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Whoa, what a great topic to kick off with my campaign review journey.

Yes, it’s about the much talked about outdoor advertising from Zomato. There’s a always a buzz when an internet company, a mobile app focuses on offline advertisement medium.  Smart marketing mix.

There’s been a lot of thumbs up & thumbs down on the series of vibrant, Bollywood themed, text based billboard ads from Zomato last month, Nov’17. Twitteratties expressing their thought over the brand and campaign idea, which is a good sign for any brand. The much spoken one is the MC-BC ad.

Here is my take on the campaign.

A) They just nailed it
I loved their ads. Seriously. Let’s talk about why any brand runs an advertisement,
1) Communicate
2) Brand recall
3) Awareness
4) Increase sale

I think all these objectives are achieved by the brand Zomato. The impact on brand recall will remain longer & farther.

B) Impact on their brand personality

All the ad creatives are catchy including the ‘MC.BC. (mac n’ cheese, butter chicken’. Many raised their voice against it, indicating it to be sexist. But Zomato is a brand known to be doing such kind of ads in the past as well. I find their brand tone to be young, in-vouge, chic, witty, bold and tasty- (Yum foods).As a millennial, I don’t mind reading such slogans. These statements were there and may remain. Indirect usage of these in advertisement does not confirm the brand’s agreement to the sexist meaning behind it. “The dirt lies in the mind of the reader. Its all about how you take it.

I really don’t care whether someone uses a MC-BC or FC-BC, Let the ad remain as an ad. Don’t try to drive meaning from it. It will kill creativity. The use of the strong “F” word is witnessed recent days in a lot of Bollywood flicks, soaps and anywhere you can use it, literally 😊. Looks like it’s becoming a part of life (gosh). But we need to live up to the age.

C) Right targeting to the right audience
I strongly believe an ad must be for a specific target segment and Zomato is game here. Major TA for the brand is millennials, who are trendy netizens and the brand personality completely resonates with the TA.

D) The creative ad graphics
I loved the red white (Zomato logo pallets) billboards. Very catchy and grabs your attention even though there are no images, no Bollywood/sports brand ambassadors. Very neat design and well targeted locations. (Really unchii hai building). Slogans connect with millennials- their core TA (Target Audience)

E) Campaign Impact on Zomato’s business
Indian online food delivery industry is worth $300M and is becoming very crowded. With 7-8 major players along with Google & Uber, it puts a lot of pressure on brands to stand out and drive a great brand recall and customer engagement campaigns to stay on the top of mind.
Though Zomato has not shared any direct impact of the current outdoor campaign on its business, I can confidently say, it has driven a lot of brand recall, customer engagement (positive or negative: but they did it), traffic to their website/app and I believe soar in their revenue too.


F) The controversy
Out of the variety of ad creatives Zomato used during this campaign, the ‘MC.BC. (mac n’ cheese, butter chicken’) one draw a lot of controversy on Twitter which made Zomato to pull of the specific ad. Sad, I didn’t find anything offensive in the ad campaign, but few did.

Ultimately Zomato replaced the ad with the following one.


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