Popular web hosting platforms in 2019

Which is the best, secure and cheap hosting platform? This is a question I get from people in my network.
There are many web hosting providers today, from cheap to expensive, less to highly secure hosting etc. Here are few factors that you must consider before finalizing the right web hosting platform

  1. Cost of web hosting- Web hosting can cost you 100 to 1000 rupees a month. It completely depends on the platform you are buying from and the reputation of the hosting platform.
  2. Reputation of the web hosting provider
  3. Storage space
  4. SSL Certificate
  5. Number of domains to be hosted
  6. Support

Recommended Web Hosting Providers in 2019

  1. BlueHost

    BlueHost is gaining a lot of popularity these days due excellent web hosting support and very affordable price. 
    The hosting package comes with free domain & SSL certificate which is a great add on advantage. 
    I highly recommend BlueHost due to the speed and security. You may Find price of BlueHost hosting here

  2. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is indeed a name to trust for. I used to recommend GoDaddy to almost everyone who was seeking guidance on hosting due to its awesome customer care. Customer care is very important for beginners .
    Recently Godaddy have increased its hosting cost, however it certainly offers value for money. You can check their website for more details

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