SendInBlue Review : Perfect email Marketing Tool

Today I am going to share SendInBlue Review my most favorite email marketing automation tool. I have been using SendInBlue since 2016 for my blog. Been 3 years now.

From the very first day, I find SendInBlue is extremely easy to use with amazing Free features. Prior to SendInBlue I was a MailChimp fan by heart, but I can confidently say today, SendinBlue is one of the best email marketing platform and tad cheaper as well 😉

I blindly recommend SendInBlue to anybody who asks me for a best email marketing tool. Yes, I am that confident with this tool, hence the review on SendInBlue

SendInBlue Review 2020

This review is different!

I am not only going to give you a feature-based review on SendInBlue, but also going to list down many areas of application which will help you understand whether SendInBlue is what you need. Hence, suggest you go through the complete review.

Striking Benefits SendInBlue

1- Free plan is Powerful

SendInblue allows you to send 300 emails/day Free of cost which is why it’s very good for beginners.

As SendinBlue mostly targets SMBs (small to medium businesses) or start-ups, 300 emails/day is pretty good initially when you don’t have much subscribers. The free plan has no limitation of the number of email IDs/contacts you can upload.

This feature makes it standout from MailChimp which charges you for the number of contacts in your account.

SendinBlue review-Price
SendInBlue price in USD
SendInBlue Price in INR
Watch this video review
2)- Super Cheap Pricing Plans

As you can see from the screenshot, the “Lite plan” starts with mere 25$ in USD or Rs 1135/- INR, which 40,000 emails/month with no daily spend limits.

This plan from SendInBlue is super cool and super cheap when you start scaling up your Opt ins, database and increase frequency of your email marketing communication.

Additionally, there is no limit on the number of contacts you can save in your SendInblue account.

If you want to send 1,20,000 emails/month, it costs only 66$/month or Rs 3,960/- only

Email marketing tool segment is highly competitive with several good players in the market. A marketer’s main burden is the cost increase as you scale up with your database/contact. The upgrade plans become expensive.

In that situation, look for SendInBlue, I guarantee, you can save up to 40% money in comparison to other popular email marketing platforms.

The Premium and Enterprise plan users get dedicated account managers, who are real quick in support for any kind of queries you have on the platform.

The price-feature relationship is very clear and transparent, unlike other email marketing service providers. It has my trust.

3)- Amazing features of SendInBlue

SendInBlue is loaded with features just like any other popular email marketing tool and is extremely easy to use.

SendInBlue Features & Pricing
Top features: SendInBlue Platform

– Email marketing
– SMS marketing
– Live Chat
– Marketing Automation (love the simplicity of the powerful feature, outstanding)
– Transactional emails
– Signup forms
– Landing pages
– Facebook ads
– Remarketing

4)- Amazing UI- lean learning curve

I really like the easy to understand UI of SendInBlue tool, which is very easy to navigate and perform activities inside. The tool experience needs very lean learning curve and easy ti use for anybody.

5)- Marketing Automation

This is the coolest feature SendInBlue has. Available for free plan as well. Very easy to create marketing automation workflows are available. However, the are workflow limitation for free, Lite & Essential plans.

Premium and Enterprise plan have no limits on the number of workflows you can create.

The marketing automation workflows are really good for both B2C and B2B business cases and a must try

SendInBlue-Marketing AUtomation tool
6)- Landing page

SendInBlue offers easy drag and drop landing page creation feature. But it is available from premium plan onward. Means landing page feature is not available for free, lite & essentials plan users.

SendInBlue-Landing page creation
7)- Lucid reporting

The main SendInBlue dashboard gives basic email performance reports. However, the Premium & Enterprise plans offer more detailed reporting features like device reports, heatmaps etc.

8)- Transactional emails

This is the feature I really like. Very easy to use. Many marketers till today, are still not comfortable in using transactional emails. They are so powerful.

You can automate transactional emails across various stages of the customer journey from SendInBlue. Payment confirmations, shipment status, payment failures, stock out notifications, sign-up emails, un-subscription notifications etc can be effortlessly done through SendInBlue transactional email platform.

The inbox deliverability is quite high for the transactional emails. There are many transactional email templates available inside SIB, for easy editing.

Transactional emails have initial limit of 40 per hour. This limit will be either raised or lowered according to the stats results and the quantity of emails sent.

9)- Integrations

SendInBlue integrates seamlessly with WordPress and you can perform almost all activities from WordPress dashboard itself without even logging into SendInBlue account.
SendInBlue can be easily integrated with multiple apps through Zapier and (yet to come)

Few applications on SendinBlue

1) WordPress Integration

2) Send promotional emails

3) Run marketing automation activities

4) Database management: create segments

5) Send newsletter

6) Create campaign landing pages

7) Lead Scoring


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