Thanks for being here and your interest to know me better. You must know my failures to know me well.I am happy and content, where I am today. There are times, in fact several times when I failed, felt miserable & lost but followed my passion towards those dreams who never let me sleep peacefully.

Inspired by Johannes HausHofer’s CV of Failures, I share mine below. I hope people who read my resume understand, that life comes with its own highs & lows. It’s important to realize the failures, challenges and overcome. Life is not rosy.

“I failed, failed miserably, once, twice, several times while chasing them. But I never stopped”. I was following my dreams with full heart and going through my learning curves.

There have been many, but I am drafting those ones which I remember clearly. In mid 30s you really start forgetting. Here’s a list of my disappointments and setbacks which helped me reach where I am today.

Read Here- Prativa Satpathy’s CV Of Failure

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