Mobile Marketing: An Inevitable Strategy For Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.

The device you carry along with you,practically everywhere.

Your mobile phone is typically the first and the last thing you see every day. So why is a tool that is always on and always in reach for us is one of the last things we think about in our marketing?

Many healthcare and Pharmaceuticals either don’t have a mobile marketing strategy or its the lowest priority with an average budget of 2-3%.

With the digital disruption, doctors, practitioners, patients and pharmaceuticals have taken healthcare and pharmaceutical research to another level, providing information and resources outside of just physical presence. Today, when accessing information via the Internet has become so easier, healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing professionals , unfortunately, are missing the huge opportunity of reaching their consumers on the go, through mobile phones.

With significant increase in smartphone usage and access of internet across cities, time for healthcare and pharma solution providers to be mobile phone oriented.

It’s about people, not the device.

When thinking about a mobile website, think from an end user point. They are mostly accessing your website while on the move and when on need, hence content has to be crisp, clear and location specific wherever applicable. Pages need to be light considering device memory and internet speed fluctuations. All social media contents and postings to be designed considering mobile phone.

Marketers must live and breathe mobile. The biggest advantage is while the customer is digesting information, the company is gathering critical insight into his preferences, taste, needs and habits. These insights help a lot creating personalized contents for your customers.

Mobile marketing is much beyond a responsive website or an app. Customers can access your contents from various platforms. Mobile search, location based/Bluetooth marketing, search advertisement, display advertisement, video ads, QR codes, SMS, Social media marketing and mobile apps are successful mediums for mobile marketing.

Building a mobile strategy never reaches an endpoint. It’s a fluid journey that requires regular revamping and flexibility.

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