Marketing Automation Training in Bangalore

Marketing Automation skill is a must for modern marketers, specifically digital marketers. With the adoption of Digital Marketing across different organizations and industries, marketers are looking at automation for various marketing & lead generation funnels, lead nurture and customer engagement programs.

Bangalore is home to many digital marketers and multinational organisation. Which makes it obvious for the raising demand of Marketing Automation Training in Bangalore. So, if you are a modern marketer, looking for upgrading your skills with marketing Automation certification, this blog will help you.

Marketing Automation Training : Basics

Marketing Automation is a vast topic. So far, by enlarge, Marketing Automation mostly meant “Email Marketing Automation”. Hence, you will find many email marketing solution providers (ESP) imparting Marketing Automation training.

However, please note that Marketing Automation is much beyond only email Marketing. MA includes automation of any activities where customer interacts with your business or touch points, like emails, social media, web pages etc.

There are only few choices are available as far as marketing Automation Training is concerned. Mostly, the email marketing software providers offer training, but exclusive to the usage of their own software.
Most of the high-grade training courses are offered from the leading marketing automation software providers line Oracle and Marketo. However, training by these companies are expensive, obviously because they pioneer in this field and their training program is mostly focused on their own products.

Here is my take of which Marketing Automation training courses are good and how should you select one over the other.

Marketing Automation Certification Course

Marketing Automation Training Institutes in Bangalore

Classroom learning

Talenteye Academy, Bangalore is the only academy in my knowledge which offers instructor led classroom & online training on Marketing Automation. Their training is on Marketing Automation concept, Workflows and practice on a popular automation platform. They hire Marketing Automation professionals as faculties.

Email Marketing Automation Training

1) Get Response
Get Response is a leading email marketing automation platform, which offers online Marketing Automation Training. The course covers how to effectively strategize and drive email Marketing Automation. This is a simple & easy to understand course, so highly recommended for beginners. Paid course available for anyone. Costs 199$.

The course has a series of prerecorded videos, anyone who loves online learning, it a sure go for them.

Act-On has recently launched its marketing Automation Training module. It’s an online training. They offer customized training programs related to marketing automation ranging from $1500-$10,000. Their training model is instructor led or one to one workshop for enterprises. Covers fundamentals of marketing automation, frameworks and strategies.

3)Lead pages
Lead pages has pre-recorded free online marketing automation course available on their website. Anyone can register and download. The course covers basics of marketing automation, engagement strategies, case studies and how to use Lead Pages to perform Marketing Automation.
A thumbs-up for this course, Go for it. If you a beginner, you will get immense value from this course.

Online Training- Marketing Automation

Udemy has a library of free & paid Marketing Automation Courses. Recommend you buy a course after going thorough student reviews.

Simplilearn offers online training on Marketing Automation. Course curriculum and Faculty look good but find it little expensive. But, you can go for it.

End to End Marketing Automation Training (Tool Specific)

1) Hubspot Academy offers free marketing Automation Training. Its through video recording. The training covers the concept of inbound lead generation & engagement. It doesn’t cover anything about its own marketing automation software.Recommended for beginners in Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation for Large Enterprises

2) Marketo– Marketo is a industry leader in Marketing Automation technology. The online learning platform has free & paid training content on marketing automation. However, the content is mostly on the usage of its own product. If you want to make your career on Marketo automation tool, this is the right course for you.

This is a paid course.  $225 USD for each module. Recommended for Marketo Users. Marketo also has a wing called market University which has free resources to get trained on sales & marketing integration and related

3) Oracle Eloqua– Paid Oracle Eloqua is a Marketing Automation software for large enterprises. It offers paid certification program on Eloqua for $245.

The training programs completely on Eloqua interface and its usage. If you want to gain expertise on Eloqua platform or want to make a career, this program suits you.


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