Healthcare Apps are going to change the way we look at Doctor-Patient duos in India.

When you fall sick, everyone around you becomes a doctor. Your friends, colleagues, your car driver, even your maid servant and the most, your chemist. And in worst cases you are involved in self medication assuming this tablet or syrup will help you to recover, and will save you from visiting a doctor, taking a leave from work, getting stuck in traffic or being in queue at clinics. Who is at risk ? Isn’t it you ?

Don’t you feel happy when things are made easy for you ? Being it Google search, listening to music, driving comfort and the list is going endless. How about when something makes it super easy the way you access your doctors ? We have mobile apps available to do every possible things on the world, then why not a app that manages your health, your family health.

A typical cycle is followed when you fall sick

The Normal Way

You have few symptoms – book a doctor appointment & consult at clinic- Get prescription- Search diagnostic labs and submit samples – visit your doctor with the reports- doctor prescribes medicines after analysing the report- visit a pharmacy with prescription- purchase medicines from store.

Though few steps mentioned above have been equipped with home collection or home delivery , but significant steps in the process are met by physical visit only.

The App Way- 2016

You have few symptoms – consult a doctor over phone- Get prescription uploaded in app- Search diagnostic labs within app — compare prices and decide where to submit samples -book a home collection of samples- get lab reports uploaded on the app- share reports with your doctor- doctor prescribes medicines after analysing the report & uploads in app- share prescription with a pharmacy store from app- Get medicines home delivered at your convenient time.

Visit to doctor required ?- No

Being in queue at clinics required ? -No

Visit to diagnostic labs required ?- No

Are you saving money ?- Yes

Are you saving time ?- Yes

Consultation over phone and videos can be successfully used for common symptoms, sicknesses and diseases but for emergency situations, surgery and related, you must visit a doctor in person to get the correct medication.

Now the next question we have, Doctors are not available online. They don’t have time to consult on phone. The following data will change the way you perceive things so far.

The market size of mobile healthcare in India is projected to reach Rs. 3000 crores by 2017. More than 60 per cent of Indian doctors and healthcare players have adopted mobile technology in Healthcare. (Source- joint report by PwC and Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)).

Consumers using health and fitness apps are found out to have reduced their visits to doctors and physicians. The convenience offered by mobile technology to access doctors and health specialists is the prime reason. Added to this reduced healthcare expenses and increasing control over their health. Very soon in future,users and patients will prefer health-apps which are one stop solutions and easy to use; spanning diagnostics/lab-tests to consultation, appointments with doctors to medication prescriptions, care-management, and eventually, remote-monitoring. This will entail device-integration to health apps; and not many of the apps in the market might be able to scale the last-mile in overall health management.

With healthcare-apps becoming popular amongst the medical community, 64 per cent of the doctors and practitioners reported that mHealth would offer exciting possibilities in healthcare.

So if my topic inspires you to check few top healthcare apps in India which offers Doctor-Patient engagement, checkout below mentioned ones in your playstore or apple store. Few offer complete cycle discussed above while few are specific in their segments. Please note- These are not my recommendations but a list only.

1) Practo

2) 1mg

3) EFGH- Eureka Forbes Good Health

4) Lybrate

5) Netmed

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