Growing Importance of Digital Marketing in Life Science Industry: An Indian Outlook

Having worked in Life Sciences Marketing for 10 years now, I keep on asking myself as a professional, should we continue with this traditional way of marketing? I feel it’s more of Push marketing. How much conversion we get out of traditional marketing? I witness traditional Life Science marketing to be more of Product Centric rather Customer Centric. This could be one of the reasons of low conversion rate. I have seen many high innovative technology products fail to make their mark because of product centric approach.

Worth sharing a story of mine, during 2012, while I was busy driving some campaigns to grow sales of automated cell counter, I was performing mass road shows. One fine morning I got a call from a customer from a non top tier city asking me to send quotation of the cell counter. That institute, I never did any marketing activities or promotions. I was very happy, excited. Out of curiosity I inquired how he could manage to reach me. And that answer made me think whole day. This is what he said “We get so many samples to process each single day. We felt a need of having an automated counter. Researched over internet. Found your demonstration video easy and technotes are informative. Hence decided to go with you”. This made me think. These are the exact value propositions I am using in my road shows. One way I am spending so much to drive the roadshow with a very low conversion rate and there’s somebody is giving me order without any investment.

This means the said customer has researched about you, studied your products and offerings, found appealing, interesting and contacting you from their behalf to purchase your product. How awesome is that? For this particular example what is your investment? And where do you think the customers could have found you? May be internet or may be from his colleague. But he put all efforts to find more about you.

The idea behind this story is that your presences over the web, the content you share with people , pulls your customers towards you. And Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to do Pull Marketing, Inbound marketing. A key strategy is content marketing. Research has shown scientists consume contents the highest than other categories.

Facts on Digital Presence of Researchers

With the increase in smart phone users in India , 200 Million users (Source: Indo-Asian News Service ), the presence of Life Scientists on the web has tremendously increased. Research has shown 57% researchers search their research contents online with a remarkable increase each year. The trend is more prevalent with age group below 45, mostly young scientist.

By Bioinformatics LLC, 2014

Marketers Presence

These facts and figures give us a clear indication. As marketers where should we be present? A place where Scientists normally make their presence or a place where they hesitate to meet us, their labs. I have frequently heard from our sales team Dr X does not meet anyone in his lab. So unable to sell products to them.

Yes, Practically true. As marketers we should have the alternative approach to reach our clients. To more emphasize on inbound marketing, we should have a powerful content, a content that moves. Content must have any of these below features to make it move, Useful, Helpful, Interesting, Funny, Engaging, Persuasive (Neil Patel) .

I was fortunate to interact with one of the eminent Author and Social Media Strategist Mark Schaefer this year and he could not stop emphasizing more on targeted and moving content to engage your audience and build relationship. Social Media Marketing is more about building relationship, buying trust from your customer. It takes time to build relationship. But we must start today. It may be hard to measure these factors quantitatively but this is where you get sustainable growth.

Friends, This is my first ever LinkedIn post. I look forward to share my learning and exposure on Life Sciences and Healthcare Digital Marketing with you. Please do read, like, comment and suggest .

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