Facing a Digital Marketing Job Interview Tomorrow ?

Yes, you heard it right. Digital Marketing is the hot job of the year across the globe.

With the vast explosion of people on digital media, wide acceptance of social media, search engines becoming an integral part of individual’s life, mobile apps for doing almost everything, AI bots insisting to be a part of your life, the whole world is moving towards digital.

Following the principle of “Be there where your customers are”, brands are trying all efforts to be active on the digital space to be visible in the customer’s new planet.

To achieve this goal, brands are looking for hiring talent who can easily adapt to their industry, take ownership, provide leadership, transition from traditional marketing efforts to digital and ultimately drive result oriented digital marketing.

Here are top qualities organizations are looking for while hiring the right candidate for their digital marketing move.

    • Gain insights over the organization
      – It’s very important to know about the business and offerings of the organization where you are getting interviewed. Visit its website, have a quick audit on their website, social media pages, latest news/funding’s etc. You may use this information while answering questions during the interview to impress the interviewer.
    • Showcase your depth in Digital Marketing
      – You must know digital marketing. You should be able to showcase your ­knowledge & understanding through your digital footprints. I suggest you have a website of your own and showcase your capabilities (good for freshers) or if you are a digital marketing consultant, keep your portfolio ready. Make sure the website looks clean, content rich, perfect on page SEO implemented and optimized for 2-3 long tail keywords.
    • Get Ready for Technical Questions
      – The interviewer first seeks to judge your understanding in digital marketing. Have a revision on tools & techniques related to SEO, PPC, Social Media, email marketing and content marketing. Having the certifications are added advantages.
    • Are you data driven?
      – You are expected to be highly data driven, as all aspects of digital marketing are measurable. Showcase your analytical skills with few practical examples from the past. Explain how you tweak a tactic based on the data.
    • Think Strategic
      – You must be able to think from a strategic point of view. Consider the fact that Digital marketing being new to the organizations, they might not be thinking to hire a team to do the task. Many times, it comes as an individual contributor role. So, companies expect you to understand, think, strategize and implement the digital marketing plan.
    • Team Work
      – Digital marketing requires a lot of inter & intra department team work.
    • Forever Learner
      – Are you a person who is a forever student and ever inquisitive to learn new things? Then you may get a better edge. The organizations are very much aware of the dynamics of digital space, its changing very rapidly, hence they look for talent who are fast learners and importantly who are open to learning.

  • Carry the logic, always
    – Many times you may need to object with logic, be it a business decision or a simple content distribution plan. Make sure you decide based on logic and you can convince your peers.
  • Carry your personality
    – This is not the last but the very first thing interviewer will notice about you. Your personality, body language, communication skills plays crucial role in the selection process.

These are the things which I feel are important for hiring. These factor may change from industry to industry, however the core remains the same.

Good Luck!




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