CMS Asia 2018- Insightful & Enriching Experience

Attending CMS Asia 2018 was in my to do list since 2016 and I made it this year. It was a productive 2 days spent at the Content Marketing Summit Asia 2018. Learning, interacting, networking & food- All indicate towards a great choice made.

The best part about such events are meeting people from different industries and know channels and technologies working for them. A bunch of real life Indian/Asian case studies (If you are bored with HBR case studies like me).

The event is very useful for B2B marketing professionals, as the industry rarely witnesses such events, professionals hesitate to share what’s going on inside the organisation from confidentiality point of view.

Well, transparency & trust brings thought leadership and CMS Asia 2018 emphasized enough over this.

The day1 was indeed very insightful, few takeaways

    • Focus on multi funnel content (Ex- 4 funnel content)- Virginia Sharma: LinkedIn
    • B2B industry can use stories to engage audiences, there’s a lot more emotional factors attached with B2B industry than we think of. Ex- Winning a deal, bonuses, promotion, failures etc. and there’s always a bigger picture.
      – So, we must create content considering emotional aspect of the audiences as well. For your stories to be more impact, let customers/people spell for you. The context of the content is equally important- Virginia Sharma: LinkedIn
    • Focus on content amplification- Well, there’s been a lot said about this. However, during the event we witnessed how brands are strategeizing their content amplification plans, using the right platforms and hence, the ROI. – Virginia Sharma: LinkedIn
    • Right dose of content- Very important to look at your content volume, of course the focus should be more on quality, not on quantity. Content dose is essential if you have a clearly defined KPI from your content marketing strategies and ROI must be met.
    • Advocacy is the next big thing, specifically employee advocacy.
      – Time to treat your employees as your loyal customers. Your employees are your social media rockstars/ micro influencers who can make your content reach a much larger audience organically as compared to organization driven paid campaigns to drive the amplification.
      – If your business has a content strategy, employee advocacy must go in to it. It drives ROI. – Sudarshan Rao SOXCO
    • AI driven Marketing is the future and marketing automation is heading towards a more cognitive era. An excellent prototype was presented by Raghuvesh Sarup, CMO-Microsoft.
      – He also introduced the crowd to Quantum Computers- Though the trailer got just blown over my head, Microsoft says it’s revolutionary computing.
    • Integrated campaign approach and implementing thought leadership is the key to B2B businesses having longer turnaround time. Jayant K: Marketing Director from SAP India presented an excellent case study from his integrated campaign approach and shared some great results. Great to know banner ads are used across the industry, be it an SME or large enterprise.
    • Data Driven marketing- The data lying within your website/app shows you direction for the future. If you witness a trend, which is not regular within your industry, you have that Eureka moment. It can be a very good foundation for an organization to take thought leadership.
    • An excellent case study was presented by Manish Rathi from Rail Yatri. Mind Boggling to know so much nitty gritty about Indian railway and train running patterns and people’s emotion. All data driven. I must congratulate Rail Yatra team over their data presentation skills. A great example of how complex data can be presented in a simpler way.
    • If you are that person who is afraid to kick off with content marketing considering you belong to a restricted industry like alcohol, I must say, you missed the session of Sridhar B from Diageo (yes yes, that Johnny Walker).
      – His case study over how he connected alcohol with emotion and moments was fantastic and a great learning how you can multi variate your content marketing beyond the tangibility aspects of your product.
      – Some ground insights on how you can effectively run content marketing even though you don’t have a content team in-house. You just need good editors and keep going.

2nd day

My 2nd day was not an easy choice between attending ROI of Content Marketing – B2B session by LinkedIn or listen to the industry leaders.
The 2 events were conducted in different ballrooms. Well, I made it to the LinkedIn session and it was worth every moment.
Some great insights and frameworks by the LinkedIn team, Vodafone & FrogIdeas.

On a summary, it was 2 days well spent and highly productive with good learning from different industry leaders. Great event & planning by RP Singh’s team.
I would look forward to attending it every alternate year if not every year. If you are a B2B marketer and have not attended any of the CMS Asia Content Marketing events yet, I would highly recommend it.


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