3 Shining AI Based Indian Health-tech Start-ups in 2017

Factors That Common Man Should Know About These Start-ups

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) are ruling the start-up world and healthcare is not behind at all. There are dozens of AI based healthcare start-ups mushroomed in India focused on niche disease areas, mostly on disease diagnosis.

The whole aim of these start-ups is to make the healthcare services accurate, automated, affordable and accessible (A4) to common man. But does the common man understand how these start-ups are trying to make a difference to their lives?

Thanks to the jargon and complex terminologies in healthcare industry which are difficult to be understood by common people.

This article is for them who wonder what these healthcare start-ups are doing and how they can bring a change to their lives?

Here are the 3 health-tech start-ups that I believe are the shining ones and will bring a revolution to the healthcare diagnosis.

AIndra Systems – Artificial intelligence in the area of computer vision

– What this start-up does

AIndra was established in 2014 and building innovative products and technologies to aid computational Pathology. It offers AI powered Cervical Cancer Detection System to facilitate early diagnosis.

– How it works

AIndra device works on pap smear test, a method of cervical screening to detect potentially cancerous cells. The cells are first smeared on a glass slide and stained with a chemical reagent (pap stains) and put under a digital microscope.

The software classifies the sample as either normal or abnormal and sends it to a pathologist to confirm the findings.The pathologist can either endorse the view of the machine or reject it. This reply is remembered by the machine and thereby self-learns to build a database. The whole process takes less than a day’s time.

– How it will impact HCPs (Health Care Professionals) & patients

Cervical Cancer Detection will be faster and affordable

-Whether products/services in use currently

AIndra is conducting field trials at Metropolis hospital, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology and Cancer Care India. Not yet available openly for HCPs & public.

– Monetisation model

They offer Instruments/hardware for sample smear reading.

– Funding

By Villgro

SigTuple – Data Driven Intelligence for Healthcare

– What this start-up does

SigTuple is an AI based start-up that analyses medical images, scans and videos, which generates information and data to help diagnosis

– How it works

Manthana is their core product which is a continuous learning platform that uses AI for healthcare. The platform churns data and generates intelligence.

Manthana allows SigTuple to ingest visual medical data from different devices and build a longitudinal memory. It has the capability to train, validate, and execute AI- and ML-powered models to classify various objects of interest, detect diseases, and compute the metrics for reporting.

The metrics provided by the platform are supported by visual evidence which eliminates the need for the medical expert to sit next to the patient, medical device, or biological sample.

The platform also exposes an interface for the medical experts to get feedback and annotations, which enables continuous learning with new and changing visual medical data.

– How it will impact a HCPs & patients

SigTuple plans to to digitize pathological tests by providing solutions for automated analysis of peripheral blood smear, urine and semen sample, retinal scans, and chest x-rays. It does not plant to remove the role of pathologists, but it aims to remove human errors and inefficiencies of manual analysis through technology.

– Whether products/services in use currently

Products under clinical trials and development stage. Not yet commercialized.

– Monetization model

Hardware integrated with Manthana (central AI & ML Database). Potential Customers- Hospitals & HCPs

– Funding

Total appx 6.5 million USD since inception in 2015. Major investors- Accel Partners, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal .

Niramai- A Novel Breast Cancer Screening Solution

Stands for ‘Non-Invasive Risk Assessment with Machine Intelligence’

– What this start-up does

Niramai offers solution for early detection of breast cancer that is safe, non-touch, radiation-free, and low-cost. Women of all age groups can undergo frequent screening without any side-effects and harmful exposure to radiation.

– How it works

Niramai uses a high-resolution thermal sensing device that scans the chest area like a camera. It then uses cloud-hosted analytics solution for analyzing the thermal images.

Its SaaS solution uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for reliable, early and accurate breast cancer screening.

It uses artificial intelligence over thermal images to address the issues of early detection of breast cancer and removes technological, logistical and cultural barriers that hinder breast cancer.

– How it will impact a HCPs & patients

Niramai offers low cost early detection of Breast cancer for women of all ages. It’s safe and reliable.

– Whether products/services in use currently

Currently, Under clinical trials with established hospitals to perform large scale, statistically significant clinical trials.

– Monetization model

Provides hardware-software solution for breast cancer screening in three modes.

(a) Sturdy, compact screening device with cloud processing for specialty hospitals

(b) Low-cost, handheld device with real-time cloud-based diagnostics for independent medical practitioners

– Funding

Amount-Undisclosed Pi Ventures, Axilor Ventures, 500 Startups, Ankur Capital, and Flipkart Co-founder Binny Bansal.

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